London-based fashion photographer and art director Antonio Eugenio reveals a deep interest in the visual codes of youth culture through his work.

By creating an exhibition exploring diversity, identity and the new codes of beauty emerging in young male culture – all in the current context of political dissolution – the artist uses art as an important tool to visualise the idea of freedom in the mind and unity in uniqueness.  

Pictures can be used to communicate cultural codes and the origins of where these ideas come from. This exhibition will observe the ongoing practices that question our daily life – especially the daily lives of the young people who have to face the future in a world that is simultaneously accelerating and standing still. 

Antonio Eugenio uses his volatile lens to capture authentic, unpredictable and vulnerable personalities in artificial surroundings. The photos seem to simultaneously question and confirm this contrast at the same time by a perfect set-up of lights. The portraits showcase the dreaming male and how diversity influences the vision of male beauty within the fashion industry.

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